Memorial Page

Welcome to the memorial page for
Michael Kampf
September 14, 1966 ~ February 14, 2017 (age 50)



Our goal as born again believer is to be able to kneel before the Lord when he calls us home to him and tell Him that we have nothing left to offer Him. That we have used every opportunity and gift that He has given us. Michael Kampf is a man who was able to do that this morning. He was a man of unmeasurable faith and strength. Truly a testament to all of us of how God can lead one man through unbearable pain and suffering to still walk with love, faith, and hope to impact the lives of all of those that he encounters. I personally never was able to ask him how he was before he would ask me. That is just the kind of man he was, he put everyone before himself. Michael was diagnosed with malignant melanoma January of 2015 and was given only 2-4 weeks to live. Michael pleaded with the Lord to give him two more years and our mighty God heard him and gave Michael and our family two more precious years together. During that time

Michael continued to work full time while undergoing extensive rounds of chemo therapy and radiation treatments to slow his cancer down. There were days where this amazing man literally crawled to the front door on hands and knees, pulled himself up, and limped to his truck to make it to work on time. Michael was the sole provider for his wife and two youngest sons and he made certain that their needs were met, even before his own. He was a truly selfless man. Through the pain, exhaustion, and heartache Michael continued to witness to anyone that God placed in his path and used himself as a true testament of faith to help so many people come to the Lord. Michael is a decorated military veteran. He served in the army for 8 years as a calvary scout, recon, and special ops agent. In short he was made of some really tough stuff!!

Thank you to the Gilbert & Kampf family for providing the funds for F.B.C. website. In dedication of Michael that others may know the Saviour that he served.


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